• Charles Freyberger, President
    • Mitch Sandak, Vice President
    • Gary Gisser, Treasurer
    • Hollis R. Williams, Secretary 


      • Cheryl Pernell-Ray
      • Marc Mayer
      • Bob Lipschultz
      • Sarah Mackay
      • Sandy Turtletaub
      • Hollis R. Williams
      • Ingrid Floyd

       Special Acknowledgements


      The Management Team:

      Chuck and Hollis — One of the hardest-working teams at Netherwood, and we are in awe of their awesome efforts which make every Netherwood experience memorable.

      Along with our board, they work year-round!

      They dedicate their personal time to ensuring that Netherwood members can enjoy the best tennis at the friendliest club around.

      The Greatful Shed Reno Team

       Captain: Hollis Williams

      Team: Beto, Chuck, Cheryl, Cindy, Donna, Hazel, Linda, and Lionel

      In addition to the hands-on hard work of the Greatful Shed team, other members contributed funding through anonymous donations. Thank you to everyone!  This was amazing team work!

      Our Lovely Garden

      Sarah Mackay — Not only is she an amazing doubles player, but Sarah and her “Singles Green Thumb” Has transformed the Netherwood landscape into one of lasting beauty.

      We Love Sarah and her endurning commitment to the Netherwood family.

      Every Netherwood Team comming together with one common goal, Get the job done with a happy heart!

      The Netherwood Website

      Please contact our webmaster Kate if you have any issues or suggestions for our website.

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